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PHD Project Andrea Hellermann

A range of disciplines are involved in the analysis of the way families are dealing with the disability of their child. Most of the random families selected to analyze the living situations of children disabilities within those families are not corresponding with actual findings. The actual findings are focusing on the individual, rather than the dynamics within families as a whole. These unsatisfactory theoretical models are contrasting with the empirical findings.

Established families that are coping effectively are used as a theoretical foundation for research with regards to applying these same methods to other families with children with disabilities. As a result of this, providing similar support to other families with the same problem is looked into, since the difficult task of coping with children with disabilities is regarded as the sole responsibility of the families, rather than society in general.

The origin of this project is therefore a detailed analysis of coping families and their implications. The aim of the project is to develop a model to analyze the everyday reality of families which corresponds to its complexity. An interview study linked with a secondary analysis is supposed to verify the sustainability of this model.