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The inclusion in extra-curricular activities

FIG_LogoDSC_0006The aim is to create training programs for professionals that gives them an indication of how to include persons with special needs in recreational, tourism, leisure and sporting activities.

Project description:

Include recreational activities. Within the implementation of Article 30, “Participation in the cultural life, recreation, leisure and sport” of the UN CRPD on behalf of the Regional Association of the Rhineland, the following question will be addressed: What kind of support is needed to ensure that experts in the field can do this effectively? What exactly should professional training involve? Following a specialized review expert interviews and a moderated group discussion were conducted.

Twelve face to face interviews, as well as a focus-group discussion- which included professionals with a wide range of experience-were conducted. The designated experts work for a wide range of organizations, such as disabled-and –youth welfare, the Scout Movement, Lebenshilfe, and the Protestant Youth Association. What all experts have in common is that they are interested in including leisure activities, whether they already do provide some, or are still planning to do so.

Central themes of the developed trainings include social, institutional, personnel, disability specific and environmental barriers and subsequent needs. Because of the segregation of individuals with a form of disability, financial and legal aspects were also included in the training sessions. The first module is practically tested within the project, and is supposed to create an unparalleled standard of quality for demand and supply oriented trainings, relay findings accordingly to other organizations and support networking.


Project management:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Bosse


Research assistant:

M. A. Reha.Wiss. Ines Westermann



Landschaftsverband Rheinland (LVR) / Zentrum für Medien und Bildung (zmb)


Project duration:

02/15/14 till 02/15/15



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