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Radio work in a school for physical and motor development

IMG_1373The project is aimed at exploring the opportunities provided by the use of radio to promote self-expression. Radio work facilitates the media competencies of students with physical disabilities. Additionally, the possibility of engaging in discourse is made available.

Through active media work, the students get to familiarize themselves with practical and acquired media competence.

Besides productive orientated work, the project is focusing on the facilitation of media competencies of students with special needs in physical and motor development. The project is supposed to show how radio work can be put into practice in a school for physical and motor development. For this purpose, a specific target group exposed to active radio work is examined based on a case study.


Project management:

Vertr. Prof. Dr. Ingo Bosse


Research assistant::

M.A. Annette Pola



Landesanstalt für Medien NRW (LfM)



Bosse, Ingo; Claßen, Christa, Eschkotte, Daniela, Schwarz, Peter (2012): Hier steckt alles drin – Radioarbeit mit körperbehinderten Schülerinnen und Schülern. In: Bosse, Ingo (Hg.)(2012): Medienbildung im Zeitalter der Inklusion. LfM Dokumentation. Band 45, 111-120.


Bosse, Ingo (2014): Radioarbeit. Ein Ansatz für inklusive Medienbildung in der Schule. In: Computer + Unterricht (94), 29-31.

As part of the study, personnel, as well as technical and organizational structures which are necessary to active radio work are expected to be identified. As a result, the sustainability and permanent visibility of this project should be ensured, and support for  future school radio projects should be made available. Additionally, standards for radio work in special schools for physical and motor development should be clearly defined.