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Planet school in inclusive education

This research project concerned the design of materials for “Blended Learning” in Inclusive Education. It is common knowledge that media education offers an undisputed opportunity for Inclusive Education. Nevertheless, German learning platforms are still not fully accessible to students with disabilities. The object of research is the popular learning platform “Planet School” of the public broadcasters Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) and Süddeutscher Rundfunk (SWR).

During the research, data for contemporary inclusive learning methods was collacted. In order to collate data, different types of schools worked with the opportunities provided by “Planet School”. In addition to participatory observations, expert interviews with teachers provided the data basis. This data basis was used to design inclusive teaching and learning media, as well as the design of learning-types. Based on the research findings, the WDR developed a set of criteria for the design of inclusive materials, modules and activities. Following the criteria, the platform will be subsequently revised and gradually provide adequate learning opportunities for a wide spectrum of learners. The readily available and fully accessible materials include movies, telecasts and interactive multi- media elements  for all learners.

Alongside with the findings reported on learning through media in inclusive education, the article also provides tangible examples to realize these principles.


Project management:

Jun. Prof. Dr. Ingo Bosse





Project duration:

09/13 till 12/14



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