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Inclusive school cinema weeks Northrine-Westphalia

DSC_0041The examination of possibilities of awareness-raising on the topic of inclusion by means of cinema school weeks.

Every year, all classes of all grades have the opportunity of rescheduling their lessons from the classroom to the cinema. The chosen film program with authentic productions, documentaries, animations and classic movies, offers a lot to examine the competencies of the students. Additionally, teacher training and a series of special events take place. A pilot project in Dortmund conducted in 2013, introduced the school cinema weeks which were designed exclusively for inclusive purposes. Students of special and regular schools were given the opportunity to co-participate in a film experience.

For the first time, an easily accessible movie booklet was developed and tested. After the movie, “Vorstadtkrokodile”, the contents of the film were evaluated by the students via this movie booklet. This project day was prepared by university students, and designed in co-operation with the participation of schools and “film+school NRW”.  A research project concluded how, through the pre- and –post interviews, the knowledge acquired by inclusion can be enhanced by inclusive movie education.


Project management:

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Ingo Bosse



Film und Schule NRW/ Landschaftsverband Westfalen Lippe (LWL)



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Bosse, Ingo (2013): Inklusive Schulkinowochen NRW. Über: www.lwl.org/film-und-schule-download/Inklusion/Dokumentation_Endversion.pdf [16.12.2013]