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HCI, Orlando Internet and social media use by adolescents with physical impairments and complex communication needs [Download]
AAATE, Bologna e-Inclusion of People with Cognitive Disabilities – Participatory Cooperation and Research for Improved Cognitive Accessibility (mit Cordula Edler, Klaus Miesenberger


M-Enabling Forum/Rehacare, Düsseldorf (Panel) Smart Accessibility, Engine of Prosperity for All Society: Keys to Turn It into a Global Trend
ICCHP 2018, Linz Accessibility as prerequisite for the production of individualized aids through inclusive MakerSpaces (mit Hanna Linke, Bastian Pelka)
ISAAC international, Goldcoast/ Australia Facilitators and barriers to Internet and social media use by children and young people with complex communication needs: An international study (mit Gregor Renner, Leevke Wilkens)
Kick Off Meeting Easy Reading, Linz IPAR Methodology (mit Cordula Edler)
HCI 2018, Las Vegas Acceptance of Assistive Technology for People with Acquired Brain Damage (mit Susanne Dirks)
HCI 2018, Las Vegas SELFMADE Self-determination and Communication through invclusive MakerSpaces


European Conference on Information Literacy, St. Malo

Information Literacy in Inclusive Education: A Team Teaching concept at the TU Dortmund University by German studies and special education

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2017), Vancouver

Applying Movie and Multimedia to the Inclusive Learning and Teaching in Germany: Problems and Solutions

Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2017), Vancouver

Media Use of  Persons with Disabilities
A survey with persons with disabilities in Germany


Ireland International Conference on Education, Dublin Cloud Computing in European Schools- an Analysis of 59 Cases [Download]
15th International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, Linz Cloud Computing in European Schools –the Impact on Inclusive Education [Download]
HCI International 2016, Toronto Research and Intervention to Improve Institutional Structures for Adult AAC Users (with Leevke Wilkens) [Download]
ISAAC Conference 2016, Toronto AAC in facilities for adults with disabilities in Dortmund/Germany –
establishment, implementation and networking
Eurovision Access Services Experts Annual Meeting, Berlin Media Use of Persons with Disabilities [Download]


Human Computer Interaction, Los Angeles Presentation How to Design Blended Learning Materials for Inclusive Education? An Exploratory Study [Download]
Human Computer Interaction, Los Angeles Symposium: Blended Learning Materials for Inclusive Education
Ireland International Conference on Education (IICE-2015), Dublin Participation in leisure activities – what professionals should know [Download]


International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs, Paris “Planet School”: blended learning for inclusive classrooms [Download]
School on Cloud Network, Athen “Planet School”: blended learning for inclusive classrooms [Download]
ISAAC, Lissabon The iPad as a shopping aid, tool an topic for AAC user [Download]


Department of Educational Studies, Purdue University (USA) - The Current Situation of Inclusive Education in Germany- Pictures of Disability in Mainstream Media
- Media Education Advancement: Participation of Persons with Disabilities