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First jubilee TIP-Cluster presents research results for the fifth time at HCI-Conference in Orlando

Session Bosse Heitplatz

01.08.2019 – The diverse and interdisciplinary research activities in the field of "Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)" were the topic of a session of the same name at the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2019) conference in Orlando, USA.


Contribute. Participate. Design. – Learning together with digital media and technologies: Joint meeting of the TIP cluster und Qua-Lis was a complete success

Logo Fachtagung Mi Tei Ge 07-11-18

29.11.2018 – The joint meeting of the research cluster technology, inclusion, participation and the agency of quality and assistance – state institute for school NRW was successful in every way.

About 150 teacher could inform themselves at the numerous booths at the foyer, among them the project “SELFMADE – self-determination and communication through inclusive makerspaces”, the network of AAC and of course the TIP cluster.

After the welcoming, the participants could decide upon three specialist lectures, which were repeated in the afternoon:
• Prof. Ingo Bosse: quality criteria for audiovisual and digital media within the joint learning
• Hanna Linke: success condition for usage of assistive technologies within the inclusive teaching
• Prof. Christian Bühler: Everyday digital media for the digital, inclusive learning

To what extend accessible approaches, digital media or assistive technologies are able to support schoolchildren with impairments in class. That is what the practical workshops of the schools were about.

On the whole a symposium, which raises awareness of topics such as assistive technologies and media and shows how well the department is prepared. For 2019/2020 there is a continuation scheduled, then with the focus on vocational training.


TIP Research session at Vancouver conference

HCI Vancouver

19.07.2017 – Diverse and interdisciplinary research perspectives on „Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)“ were discussed at the “Human Computer Interaction Conference” in Vancouver on the 13th of July. The session was hosted by TU Dortmund University’s TIP-cluster.


SELFMADE presents potential of 3D printing for persons with disabilities


24.05.2017 – 3D printers are using liquefied plastic to fabricate individual products – from few centimetres high vases to complete cars. This technology offers tremendous application possibilities which are explored by researchers of TU Dortmund University, Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences and Dr Bastian Pelka, social research centre, in hindsight of the use by persons with disabilities.


Just published

09.01.2017 – The following paper is just published:

Bosse, I.; Armstrong, N.; Schmeinck, D. (2016). Is Cloud Computing the Silver Lining for European Schools? In: International Journal of Digital Society (IJDS), Volume 7, Issue 2.