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First jubilee TIP-Cluster presents research results for the fifth time at HCI-Conference in Orlando

The diverse and interdisciplinary research activities in the field of "Technology for Inclusion and Participation (TIP)" were the topic of a session of the same name at the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI 2019) conference in Orlando, USA.

Session Bosse Heitplatz

Ingo Bosse (Faculty of Rehabilitation Sciences) and Christoph Kaletka (Social Research Centre) had prepared the session of the TIP cluster of the TU Dortmund at the HCI conference on 29 July in Orlando.

The presentations started with the presentation of the results of the All Digital Week. Bastian Pelka had developed these study results together with students in the project study. Vanessa Heitplatz then presented her study on the influence of caregivers on the use of smartphones by people with cognitive impairments.

Ingo Bosse presented the latest study results on the use of social media by users of AAC. Subsequently, the study of Susanne Dirks on challenges in the participative development of cognitively accessible software was presented. Participation in the TIP session also seems attractive for international colleagues: Oliver Wendt (USA) next presented the development and evaluation of apps for AAC learners with autism, which was analyzed on the basis of evidence of interventions, with a neurophysiological approach and with google analytics based on user numbers and user behaviour. Julio Cesar dos Reis (Brazil) concluded with a lecture on universal design and natural user interfaces in socioenactive interactions of children.

Next year the Human-Computer-Interaction Conference will take place in Copenhagen. This will be the sixth time that the activities of the research cluster Technology, Inclusion, Participation will be presented internationally and the international network expand.